Dean Street Wellbeing Programme

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If people experience good sexual wellbeing, community cohesion and involvement,

 and are engaged in dialogues about their own wellbeing... 

good sexual health will result by default.

The Dean Street Wellbeing programme seeks to put good sexual wellbeing at the heart of sexual health.

The Dean Street Wellbeing programme is a series of entertaining, educational and community engagement events, curated by David Stuart and Leigh Chislett. It includes art exhibitions, film screenings, community discussions (led by guest panellists), on a range of challenging and culturally topical issues, as well as performance art, open-mic events, educational programmes and theatre . It also includes our talking therapies and support groups at 56 Dean Street, our outreach services & events in local Soho venues, and a programme of monthly events held at a screening room/auditorium in Soho Square (20th Century House).

The Dean Street Wellbeing programme also serves as a supportive community for those seeking alternatives to the bar/club/sauna/ChemSex scenes, and those desiring a community that is inclusive, kind, philanthropic, activist-minded and brave, providing safe places to be our better selves and better communities. Sign up to our mailing list of events via our Contact page.

See our Calendar for upcoming events.

The Dean Street Wellbeing programme is sponsored by Monument Trust.

The Dean Street Wellbeing Programme.

Previous, regular and upcoming events include;

open-mic events in local venues, topical discussion groups, film screenings, community panel discussions, art exhibitions, live performances and more. (See Calendar for more details)